Update your KPI Dashboard with this colour update

Stuart Kinsey Published: 

To help create a more personalised feel to the system we have introduced a new colour pallet function. You can now choose to change various colour elements of the interface to bring the look more in line with your own brand. The new functions can be found under the system settings and dashboard settings menus.

You can now change colours of Dashboards from light to dark, ideal for large screen and TV displays to really bring your dashboards to life. The header navigation can also be change using a colour palette that allows the interface to be more on brand than before. Choose between dark and light themes for individual charts and graphs.

We have also been busy adding an update to 'calculated KPIs' to allow summed or averaged and allowing targets to be set for a calculated KPI on the KPI entry screen.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the colour pallet functions and how your using them to enhance your dashboards.

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