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There is an increasing acknowledgment that good environmental …

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Environmental KPI blog post

There is an increasing acknowledgment that good environmental performance makes good business sense. Companies that create, manage and measure their environmental performance are well placed to react to factors that will ultimately effect consumer behaviour, business decisions and resources. - And as more and more pressure is applied on these factors the long term risks to business increases.

The environment agency has estimated that manufacturing alone could save between £2-3 billion annual if they adopted waste minimisation through KPI tracking.

There are a number of different KPIs available to monitor and report on many different aspects of corporate responsibility, here is just a small getting started selection.

Carbon Footprint

Measured by the amount of carbon dioxide produced by business activities, this is typically measured in units as tons of CO2 per year.

The Waste Reduction percentage

Simply put this is the amount of raw material used by a business and subtracting the amount of raw materials used in the finished goods or service. This metric can then be calculated and monitored by a percentage of the two.

Energy Consumption

This KPI is very simple to collect; essentially it is the amount of energy purchased from your energy supplier. It makes financial sense to invest in reducing energy consumption due to the constant rising price of fuel.

Water Consumption

Just like reducing the Energy consumption, the demand and cost of water is on the rise. The water consumption or footprint can be measured by calculating the volume of water used for production of goods and the consumption of the business.

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