Up up and away

Stuart Kinsey Published: 

It’s been all hands to the pump to get a major overhaul of SimpleKPI ready for launch in Q1, this major update is a complete overhaul of the KPI Software; providing a more intuitive user experience with a modern look and feel. There will also be a long list of functionality updates (A sneak peek post on its way) designed to elevate the platform as the number one choice in KPI software. In anticipation for this release we are currently inviting current and new clients to join the beta.

The beta release will take place within May and June this year amongst a cross selection of users and will be free during this period. Our Beta programme is a great way to fine tune the applications functionality in line with the expectations of a cross section of our users.

Update: The beta is now closed, however many thanks to all those companies that took part, the feedback was invaluable in moving the product forward – were excited about getting some of these features released.

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