See how productive your KPIs are with this must have KPI

Stuart Kinsey Published: 

Employees are a company’s greatest asset; however they are also the most expensive. Revenue Per Employee provides an insight into how well you can improve productivity over time.

Data for RPE consists of obtaining the revenue figures for your company and the number of employees; the calculation is as follows:

Revenue Per Employee = (Revenue / Number of Full time Employees)

The calculated figure provides a relative revenue figure for productivity of employees per company.

This KPI when utilised correctly provides important insights into the relationship between revenue and the number of employees, monitoring this KPI in commission based business structures can be notably beneficial.

Update: KPI Gauges and Charts have now been updated to quickly and intuitively display user performance

Note: it is important to adjust figures to amalgamate part time positions, as including part time staff can inflate the employees figure and skew the RPE.

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