Dedicated Training

Tutorials and video training schemes

Helping you succeed with KPI Training

We have a dedicated team working 24/7 to help you maximize the benefits of using SimpleKPI.

Training as you use.

The system comes with videos covering the main aspects of the system such as Data entry, Dashboards, Reports and integrations – all of this video can be access from within the system by going to the getting started tab in your settings.

Users also have access to SimpleKPIs Knowledge portal, the hub for finding training content such as videos and step by step tutorials on all aspects of the system. It provides a central hub to keep your knowledge up to date with all the new product release notes and best practice for KPI Reporting.

Simple and intuitive Training

You will find SimpleKPI intuitive and easy to master, however if you're new to creating and managing KPI's our video tutorials are a great way to get started.

They range from basic to more advanced topics, for both managers and regular users.

All of the KPI training videos are supplied in the support section of the application and are automatically updated for every new feature release.

You can find the videos on our dedicated SimpleKPI support portal , or visit our Vimeo channel