Customer Services KPIs Template

Track and improve those all-important customer interactions

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This comprehensive set of KPIs is aimed at customer services departments and professionals tasked with tracking and improving levels of customer services, before, during and after purchases - across multiple service channels. Areas such as complaints, response statistics, satisfaction levels and responses efficiency are covered in this template. Each Customer Service orientated KPI has been provided by Customer Service professionals and offer a best practise approach to improving performance in this vital area of all businesses

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KPIs in this Template:

Abandon Rate of Calls & Chats

The abandonment rate of both calls and Chats

Abandoned Calls

The number of abandoned calls this period

Abandoned Chats

The number of abandoned chats this period

Active Issues

The number of unresolved / open issues this period

Average call queue time

The average time a customer was held in a queue

Average Resolution time

The average Resolution time this period

Customer Complaints: Verbal

The total number of verbal customer complaints received

Customer Complaints: Written

The total number of written customer complaints received

Customer Retention Rate

The customer retention rate

Customer Satisfaction Score

Customer Satisfaction score 0 - 100%

First call resolution

The total number of issues resolved on the first call

First Response Time

The average First Response time

Overdue Service Requests

The percentage of overdue service requests or queries

Percentage of calls transferred

The percentage of calls transferred

Positive feedback

The total number of positive feedback across all channels

Resolved issues

The total number of resolved issues

Satisfaction Surveys

The number of customers or clients given a satisfaction survey

Satisfied Customers

The percentage of satisfied customers this period

Service Desk Costs

The operating costs of the service desk

Total Calls

The total number of customer service inbound calls

Total Chats

The total number of customer service chats

Training Investment per Employee

The average cost of traing investment per employee

Warranty Claims

The number of warranty claims this period