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Welcome to the KPI Library. Here you'll find lots of industry focused KPIs to help you jump start your performance monitoring. Everything from Call centre focused KPIs to Transportation and almost anything you can think of in between.

Each KPI has been created and tested by industry experts focusing on a best practice approach to performance management.

These KPIs and even KPI templates can also be found in your SimpleKPI account by going to the KPIs tab. Feel free to use these KPIs as and where you like.

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Retail (16)

Average Basket Spend

The average amount spent per transaction

Average Shopping Time

The average shopping time for the period

Cost of Goods

The retail price minus the markup = Cost of Goods

Customer Retention

The number of repeat customers compared to first time purchasers

Fixed Cost Per period

The total cost of opening for the period

Gross Margin

Total sales minus the cost of goods

Gross Sales

The total value of all sales

Net Sales

Gross Sales - Returns and Allowances

Offline Sales

Offline Sales / In-Store

Online Purchases

Online purchases

Online Vs Instore purchases

The percentage of online to store purchases

Retail Price

The total cost of Goods plus the markup

Returns & Allowances

The valus of Returns & Allowances

Shop Visitors

the number of visits

Transaction Count

The amount of transactions

Visitor buying Ratio

Visitors buying ratio