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Beautiful KPI Dashboard Characteristics

By Stuart Kinsey | September 11, 2013
Beautiful KPI Dashboard Characteristics

Beautiful dashboards catch the eye, but not necessarily for their aesthetic qualities – although this does help. There are a broader range of essentials that work together as part of a well-oiled machine to create a dashboard that is not just functional but stunning.

This article covers more than 8 essential characteristics of beautiful KPI dashboards, from spectacular graphs to responsive and concise dashboard layouts.

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9 Things to avoid when creating KPI Dashboards

By Stuart Kinsey | August 29, 2013
9 Things to avoid when creating KPI Dashboards

When creating KPI Dashboards as part of a performance improvement process, it’s worth remembering that while KPI Dashboards are an undeniably influential tool for gaining insight and laying the foundations for better business. Some of the most common mistakes made when setting up your KPI Dashboards are easily preventable - so here is a rundown of the top 9 things to avoid when setting up the dashboard.

Metrics overload
With the large amount of data even the most modest of businesses has access to can induce a metric overload on their KPI dashboard…

The wrong KPIs
The right and wrong KPIs displayed on a dashboard can be subject to widely varying perspective by individuals and departments within an organisation…

Data not storyboarded or linked logically
KPI charts and graphs representing data that is illogical or ungroup can lead your dashboard to…

Wrong graph types
When to choose different chart types can be as important as the data being displayed, choosing graph types depends on several factors…

Muddled Frequencies
Obsessing over dashboard views at the wrong time can lead to bad decisions, false observations and poor businesses choices…

The Wrong or No Audience
Dashboards often get presented to the wrong audience or are kept hidden from the people who would most benefit from them…

Colour Overload
Displayed creative flair is subjective; a truly great KPI Dashboards can be rendered useless by a dazzling array of colours and charts…

Not enough detail to make a difference or poor data
The effort does not always lie with the Dashboard, sometimes the data or lack of it can hamper the KPI Dashboard from fulfilling its maximum potential.

Nothing is set in stone
KPI Dashboards can be left behind due to various business reasons, evolve and adapt...

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What is Cloud based KPI tracking software

By Stuart Kinsey | November 10, 2012

Cloud based computing refers to almost any hosted software or service that is delivered over the internet. This provides companies and business users with numerous benefits. Businesses of all sizes can depend on large computing and storage muscle in the cloud without having to invest in expanding IT infrastructure or support staff.

Cloud based KPI Software is provided on the Software as a Services (SaaS) model and unlike traditional BI applications that require onsite deployment, upgrades and support, cloud based KPI Software needs only an internet browser to provide a complete BI Solutions.

The findings of a recent survey conducted by Forrester Research (Delivering on High Cloud Expectations) concluded that 58% of organisations run mission critical systems in the cloud; and that in the next two years this will increase to 79%.

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Measuring KPIs

By Stuart Kinsey | October 20, 2012

Any organisation that uses key performance indicators (KPIs) is better placed to achieve sustained business growth. The use of KPIs provides a clear monitoring mechanism for business performance against goals, and highlights areas for improvement when things aren’t quite on track.

There is no need for business owners to make those difficult growth decisions blindly, especially when they have the ability to make informed decisions using analytics.

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Reducing your ‘Time to insight’ TTI…

By Paulo De Sousa | September 27, 2012
Reducing your ‘Time to insight’ TTI…

Nearly every organisation engages in the collection, collation and analysis of data for the purpose of making business decisions. However the process involved can take hours, days or even weeks to drill, slice and dice that data before arriving at the insight required.

This ‘Time to insight’ can be so protracted that it not only becomes counterproductive but can end up providing the wrong insight at the point or situation in which it was needed...

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Simple by Design

By Stuart Kinsey | August 24, 2012
Simple by Design

Enterprise software has a justified reputation for being well - just difficult, difficult to choose, difficult to setup and notoriously difficult to use.

The origins can be traced back to the feature driven strategy employed by software companies for many years, a rigid strategy continually building on the never ending feature list, aimed at catering for every eventuality. Software would groan with the sheer numbers of functions, slow down under the sheer weight of processing power required, and only those with IQs to match the costs could fathom out the functions.

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A case for Environmental KPIs

By Paulo De Sousa | August 03, 2012
A case for Environmental KPIs

There is an increasing acknowledgment that good environmental performance makes good business sense. Companies that create, manage and measure their environmental performance are well placed to react to factors that will ultimately effect consumer behaviour, business decisions and resources. - And as more and more pressure is applied on these factors the long term risks to business increases.

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Essential KPIs for sales

By Stuart Kinsey | July 27, 2012

Most KPIs for the sale department are concentrated on revenue. Either collectively as in sales teams or they may be segmented by individual users ‘typical revenue banding’ or ‘product type’. A business measures the success of sales as delivering, and exceeding the targets set out in the business revenue goals. Most companies do not rely solely on headline sales revenue for measuring success, there are expectations of revenue based on process centric KPIs; such as the more cold calls made should lead to more sales - if a consistent conversion rate is achieved.

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5 Examples of KPI bad practise

By Stuart Kinsey | July 13, 2012

I have noted on previous occasions that KPI creation without structure and clearly defined outcomes can lead to KPI hell. But I thought I would put together my top 5 examples of the reasons why people fall out of love with their KPIs...

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Choosing the right key performance indicators (KPI) for your business

By Stuart Kinsey | June 22, 2012
Choosing the right key performance indicators (KPI) for your business

The main purpose of performance measurement is to drive business performance. With a little planning and forethought selecting the right key performance indicators and implementing them effectively will improve your business’ performance.

Take a look at the latest article that includes practical steps to finding and implementing KPIs in your business.

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